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PSA membership is free and open to public agencies, schools, nonprofits, and political subdivisions. Check out or member list, or become a member!

Become a Member of the Purchasing Solutions Alliance

PSA membership is free and open to public agencies, nonprofits and other political subdivisions of any U.S. state.

There are no minimum spending requirements, and you can stop our contracts at any time. To become a member, complete and sign the PSA Interlocal Purchasing Agreement (ILA). Anyone authorized to sign contracts for your organization can sign the ILA. Return the ILA to us by email or fax (979) 595-2810. We’ll sign the ILA and return the executed copy to you for your files.

Member Eligibility

The following entities are eligible to become members of PSA:

  • Cities, Towns, Counties and other Local Governments

  • Political Subdivisions and Planning Commissions

  • Schools, School Districts, Colleges and Universities

  • Emergency Medical Services and Fire Districts

  • Hospitals and Hospital Districts

  • Special Law Enforcement Jurisdictions

  • Judicial Courts and Districts

  • Utility Districts

  • Special Districts

  • State Agencies

  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporations

Current Members 

Member Benefits:

  • Save money by receiving volume discounts based on the purchasing power of the collective membership.

  • No cost or fees to participate.

  • No minimum spending requirements.

  • Easy access to all procurement documents on our website.

  • All contracts are competitively bid through an RFP process and compliant to 2 CFR Part 200 and EDGAR.

  • Contract administration - we take care of the contract renewals and rebids so you won't have to.

Purchasing Solutions Alliance

The Purchasing Solutions Alliance (PSA) is a nationwide purchasing cooperative for public agencies. Cooperative Purchasing has the added benefit of saving you time and resources by relieving you of the burden of procurement documentation requirements, advertisement costs, and contract management.

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