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Founded on January 9, 2008 by the Brazos Valley Council of Governments' Board of Directors to serve members by helping them save money on goods and services.

About Purchasing Solutions Alliance


About Purchasing Solutions AllianceJanuary 9th, 2008 the Brazos Valley Council of Governments' Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution creating Purchasing Solutions Alliance (PSA), a purchasing cooperative for public agencies. The purpose of PSA is to identify qualified vendors of goods and services, to comply with state bidding requirements, and to relieve the burdens of governmental purchasing by realizing economies of scale.


Our mission is to serve our members by helping them save money on goods and services. Our goal is to continually increase membership in PSA and thereby increase our presence with vendors. As our membership continues to grow and more contracts are secured through the competitive procurement process, additional savings can be obtained for participating member entities.

Scope of Membership

Local governments, K through 12 schools, higher education, and nonprofits have the opportunity to become one of our member entities that have access to discount pricing from qualified vendors and thousands of competitively procured products and services. Membership with PSA is available at no cost, and there are no obligations to meet minimum spending requirements.

Competitive Procurement

All contracts offered through PSA are compliant with the competitive procurement process mandated by 2 CFR part 200. We use the formal Request for Proposals (RFP) procurement method, as it allows us to negotiate with the highest ranked vendor and ultimately provides the best value for our members. As a standard practice, we avoid multiple awards and seek to award contracts to the best of the best in terms of quality of products/services, delivery terms, customer service, reputation, and pricing.

Direct Link to Vendors

The PSA program will save your agency time, money, and duplication of the competitive procurement process. Utilizing a PSA contract means your agency works directly with the approved vendor. After you become a member with PSA, you have access to a competitive contract that allows you to work directly with the approved vendors. All ordering, billing, and payments will be handled directly between you and the vendor without involvement from PSA. If you have an issue with a vendor that you are not able to resolve, you are free to contact PSA, and we will step in on your behalf.

Purchasing Solutions Alliance

The Purchasing Solutions Alliance (PSA) is a nationwide purchasing cooperative for public agencies. Cooperative Purchasing has the added benefit of saving you time and resources by relieving you of the burden of procurement documentation requirements, advertisement costs, and contract management.

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