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22-205 Telehealth Clinics

OnMed provides standalone telehealth medical clinics for universities, city/county agencies, and rural populations.

PSA Contract No. 22-205 Telehealth Clinics

Connecting People to Better Health

OnMed represents the next generation of virtual healthcare solutions. OnMed is committed to make quality and affordable healthcare accessible to all, especially for those in rural and underserved markets.

The OnMed Care Station connects patients to on-staff clinicians, offering a full-service, safe and secure healthcare consultation with real-time diagnostic capability for critical health care “vitals” (i.e., weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature) and high-definition exam cameras for observation, study and diagnosis of patient conditions. In addition, the OnMed Care Station features an optional pharmacy robotic system to dispense prescribed or over-the-counter medications at the time of visit and within the privacy of the OnMed Care Station. 


The OnMed Care Station is licensed on a 36 month lease. Licensing, software fees and regular maintenance are included in the lease payments. The OnMed Care Station is built to comply with all regulations as well as medical privacy requirements,  protecting all patient data in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Data requirements include dedicated Internet Service Provider, 50 Mbps upload/download or better, two publicly addressable static IP addresses, and two ethernet RJ45 female jack connections. 


The clinician can either dispense medications immediately to the patient through the OnMed Care Station Pharmacy Robot or electronically prescribe the medication to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice.  OnMed has developed medication formularies for the OnMed Care Station and can customize the drug formulary to cater to the specific needs of the OnMed Care Station’s location. Please note, the ability to dispense medication from the OnMed Care Station is dependent on the remote dispensing laws and regulations of each state.


Single Unit stations and Double Unit stations are offered at 12% off MSRP.   License terms are 36 months. The payments include license and software fees, OnMed Care Station maintenance and the provisioning of Care Visits during the scheduled hours of operation. 

Payment Terms

Payments are made directly to OnMed, with the first 6 month's license payment due upon signature of agreement. First year monthly payments begin with station launch at 50% of standard monthly license fee. Second and third year monthly payments resume at full standard monthly license fee.

PSA Contract Term

Initial 3-year term 8.1.2022 through 7.31.2025

Two optional annual extensions through 7.31.2027


Orders are placed directly with OnMed referencing the PSA Contract No. 22-205.

Vendor Contact Info

Tiffany Klein
Sales Operations Specialist
14105 McCormick Dr
Tampa, Florida 33626

Contract Documents

RFP 22-205


OnMed Response


Intent to Award Letter

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Award Letter

Contract 22-205 Telehealth Clinics

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