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Vesta Solutions is the leading provider of 9-1-1 call handling in the United States and this contract includes an emergency telecommunications solution.

PSA Contract 17-210 Motorola Solutions: Next Generation Core Services

CONTRACT NAME CHANGE:  Motorola Solutions Connectivity, Inc.

Vesta Solutions, Inc. has changed its name to Motorola Solutions Connectivity, Inc. The entity itself is not changing in any way, this is simply a name change. Existing customer contracts with Vest Solutions, Inc. are still active and do not need to be updated; however, all new contracts will be signed under the name of Motorola Solutions Connectivity, Inc.


Geospatial call routing, GIS services, transitional IP tabular ESN call routing, network services, security services, and service management. Vesta Solutions is the leading provider of 9-1-1 call handling in the U.S. and has been a key supplier of 9-1-1 legacy selective routers. As the industry migrates to NG9-1-1, Vesta Solutions has made the logical transition in becoming a 9-1-1 service provider. Airbus is an approved CLEC Motorola Solutions - Vesta Next Portfolio in many states with an approved tariff for our 9-1-1 call routing and related services.

This Contract includes an NG9-1-1 NENA i3 standards-compliant emergency telecommunications solution, consisting of carrier-class call ingress grooming, call routing, location functional elements, enterprise system management, administrative tools, and a comprehensive set of professional managed services. Agencies can choose full geospatial routing from the start, or ESN-based tabular routing until the cellular providers provide the location with the call.

As we all know, the transition to NG9-1-1 is not a one-time event. It is a journey that involves incremental change and will likely occur over many years to come. As a result, Vesta anticipates that NG9-1-1 will operate at some level of perpetual evolution and refinement over the life cycle of this program and our solution takes this into account. All the functional elements proposed – hardware, software, and service complements – are engineered to accommodate the evolution and pave the way for a smooth migration. The solution will support geospatial routing, text messaging and multimedia routing capability with a migration path based on customers’ needs to support future payload types in a manner consistent with NENA and other relevant standards.

Contract Term

06.14.2018 through 05.20.2021, with three optional two-year extensions to 05.20.2027.

Contract is currently extended to 05.20.2025.

Name Change of Vesta Solutions, Inc. to Motorola Solutions Connectivity, Inc.

Effective July 11, 2022, Vesta Solutions, Inc. changed its name to Motorola Solutions Connectivity, Inc. This was a change in name only. Existing Vesta agreements and documents remain in effect through the remainder of their term. New agreements and related documents going forward will utilize the new name. 

Motorola Solutions Motorola Solutions Connectivity, Inc.

Vendor Contact Info

Clay McIntire
Account Manager
Command Center Software
Next Generation 9-1-1- Solutions

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